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Unknown Land Kyrgyzstan

In Central Asia there is a beautiful land, crossed by the Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai mountain ranges. This is the country of Kyrgyzstan (the Kyrgyz Republic). Do not confuse with Kurdistan!!!

You can meet several variants spelling of the name of this country in English: Kirgiz Republic, Kirghiz Republic, Kyrghyz Republic, Kirgizstan, Kirghizstan, Kirgizia, Kyrgyzia, Kirghizia.

Population of Kyrgyzstan is 5 000 000 people.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of striking contrasts. This is the land of magnificent snow-topped mountains and alpine meadows with scattered flowers; swift rivers with foamy waterfalls and steppes with the smell of wormwood. This is the land of blue lakes and green valleys.

Kyrgyzstan has the 'pearl' of Central Asia - Lake Issyk-Kul, which is an emerald-blue Alpine lake competing in beauty with the lakes of Switzerland.

The rich relief; abundant mountain lakes and waterfalls; walnut and fruit-tree forests; alpine meadows and glaciers; Lake Issyk-Kul, with its health resorts and good climate; historical and architectural sites; the original traditional nomadic culture of the Kyrgyz people - all these features make Kyrgyzstan very attractive for international tourism.

The unique Alpine Lake Issyk-Kul, which remains unfrozen in winter, is especially attractive. Lake Issyk-Kul looks marvelous in any season. A number of resorts and rest houses located on the coast of the lake operate all year round.

The mountains surrounding the lake are beautiful. The Kungay Ala-Too and Terskay Ala-Too mountain ranges abound in picturesque gorges with fir trees and swift flowing mountain streams. Once seen, sights such as the gorges of Djety-Oguz, Ak-Suu, Altyn-Arashan, Semenovskoye and Grigoryevskoye; the Barskoon waterfall and other places in the Issyk-Kul basin can hardly be forgotten.

Foot crossing over the Kungay Ala-Too ridge to Kazakhstan along tourist path is quite interesting and impressive. Tourists can enjoy the marvelous panorama of mountains and Alpine lakes. Alpine Lake Kelsay, located on the tourist route from the side of Kazakhstan, is beautiful.

The environs of Bishkek city with the gorges of the northern slope of the Kyrgyz moutain ridge are very attractive for mountain tourism. There are picturesque gorges: Ala-Archa, Alamedin, Kegety, Issyk-Ata, Sokuluk, Ak-Suu, and Shamshy. In the neighborhood of Bishkek there are plenty of beautiful waterfalls: Kegety, Belogorsky, and Golubinniy. "Ala-Archa" National Park-Natural Reserve is in the Ala-Archa Gorge. Alpinists' Camp "Ala-Archa" is located on its territory. There are a number of skiing bases on the mountainsides southwards Bishkek.

The mountains of the Fergana Valley covered with fruit-trees and walnut forests attract tourists. There is a tourist centre "Arslanbob".

The Sary-Chelek lake is surely the most beautiful Alpine lake in the West of Kyrgyzstan. The Sary-Chelek Natural Reserve is one of the most remarkable places in Kyrgyzstan. The wild nature of the Chatkal Ridge, relic fir-tree forests and the transparent lake are very attractive for tourists. Southwards the lake there are Kara-Jygach weathering stone columns. Northwards the Chatkal Ridge there is Kara-Toko area with a great number of picturesque alpine lakes. Eastwards the Chatkal Ridge there is Chonkurchak - a splendid group of seven lakes.

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Government Structure
Setting up a yurta
Bishkek, Capital of Kyrgyzstan
The Issyk-Kul Lake
The Jeti-Oguz Rocks
The Broken Heart Rock
The Barskoon Waterfall
The Grigoryevskoye Gorge
The Przhevalsky Memorial Complex
The Karakol Mosque
The Karakol Orthodox Church
The Cholpon-Ata Stone Pictures
Osh City
The Burana Tower
The Sary-Chelek Lake
The Uzgen Architectural Complex
The Manas Gumbez
Fragment from the Kyrgyz Epic “Manas”
  - Making a Straw Mattress;
  - Making a Alakiyis (a Felt Carpet);
  - Making a Shyrdak (a Felt Carpet);
   - Weaving;
  - Hand - Spinning.

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